The jihadi “Beatles”: The prison cell that’s a fate worse than death

The Supermax cell

After just two years in Colorado’s dreaded Supermax Prison, hate preacher Abu Hamza was frantically pounding on his cell door to get out, his lawyers decrying its ‘inhuman and degrading conditions’ and insisting he’d return to a British jail ‘in a second’ if he could.

Perhaps his successor in British Islamist extremism, ISIS fanatic Alexanda Kotey, had Hamza’s bleak fate in mind — even his famous hooks were removed from the stumps of his arms — when he recently said the ‘worst thing that could happen’ would be to be locked up in a U.S. jail.

Kotey and fellow British jihadi El Shafee Elsheikh face extradition to America after officials there promised they would not be put to death if convicted of barbaric crimes as members of the notorious ‘Beatles’ terror cell which was behind the beheading of two British aid workers and two U.S. journalists.

Given that Hamza’s offences pale beside those of ‘Ringo’ and ‘George’, as the pair were dubbed by prisoners, they will almost certainly join him at Supermax.

It’s a fate that may strike many as worse than the death penalty as they are locked up to rot. Since it opened in 1994 at a cost of $60 million, America’s only Supermax prison, whose official name is ADX (or Administrative Maximum Facility) Florence, has housed the country’s most notorious and violent criminals.

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Prisoners go to the ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies’ not in any hope of rehabilitation but purely for the purposes of punishment and assured incarceration.

It is designed for male inmates (there are no women) deemed the most dangerous and so contemptuous of human life that they require the tightest control. In many cases, their escape is considered to pose a serious threat to national security.

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