Warships sailing to Kastelorizo: Tensions rise between Greece and Turkey

Tens of warships are converging in the wider area

A large number of Greek warships are sailing towards the region around the island of Kastelorizo in the southeastern Mediterranean, as a response to the mobilisation of the Turkish navy in the area following the issue of the NAVTEX on Tuesday.

According to information, more than 17 Turkish surface vessels have already left the Aksaz naval base since yesterday – it is located 13 km east of Marmaris in the province of Mugla – with a course south and west with the aim of accompanying the oceanographic vessel Oruc Reis on its way to the sea area which Turkey has illegally tied up with the NAVTEX – from yesterday until on August 2 – to conduct seismic surveys to locate hydrocarbons.

At present, however, due to the existence of the Turkish NAVTEX, the bulk of the Greek fleet outside the Naval Station is either moving or has already been deployed to cover a huge sea area starting from the Northern Dodecanese and ending south of the Megisti complex area of ​​the Turkish NAVTEX.

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The Greek side has had reliable information in its possession for nearly a month about the gathering in the port of Aksaz of at least 22 surface Turkish ships, which were in fact tied in a row. Sources add that along with the surface ships, it is estimated that a sufficient number of submarines, about 6 to 7, are on stand by for the past 10 days ago and had moved en masse south of Rhodes, resulting in an alarm for a few hours at the Greek Navy Headquarters.