What does the Greek Freak eat to stay in shape?

Hard work is the most important thing for success

As the adage goes, we are what we eat, and despite his unquestionable natural athletic prowess and incredible dedication to hard work, the Greek Freak takes particular care of his dietary habits.

Giannis Antetokounmpo starts off his day with an egg-sandwich and some fruit. After a workout, or match, he chooses a protein shake, while he cannot resist a plate of spaghetti or chicken.
Especially after a heavy workout session, he makes sure to have a high level of protein intake as it is an essential tool for building strong muscle tissue and a strong body. He often even accompanies the protein of his choice with a fruit smoothie to get the necessary vitamins and antioxidants.

The real secret is of course his focus and dedication to hard workout. The Greek Freak has repeatedly said that he never rests on his laurels, and is determined to constantly evolve and improve his game.

So even when he is not playing in regular season matches, you will find him in some gym training hard and working out even more.

“There is no break,” he says. “Proper nutrition and exercise are very important to me,” he explains.
Sometimes he calls on the help of his brothers dod his scheduled workout or training. “They motivate me and it’s always very competitive. My family has always been very athletic and everyone loves to be fit,” he says.

“I try to train with as many of the guys as I can. You only get better when you compete against the best,” he explains. Whatever he does he never omits stretching at the end of a workout or a training session.
“It’s the best fitness advice I’ve received” he says. “It’s important to stretch and take care of injuries when they appear,” the Greek Freak says.