Afghan man arrested after allegedly attempting to rape Iranian woman at refugee camp

A case was filed against him

Incidents of sexual assault by illegal immigrants/refugees against other immigrants in reception centres are rising dangerously. The latest incident was investigated by the police at the immigrant structure of Katsikas in Ioannina, where a 26-year-old Afghan was arrested after reportedly sexually assaulting an Iranian woman.

According to the 35-year-old woman’s statement to the police, the Afghan man approached her holding a knife and demanded to have sexual intercourse with her on Tuesday. As she told police, the purported attacker in his effort to overpower her physically accosted her as she tried to resist his advance.

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Police immediately rushed to the structure, located the 26-year-old wandering outside the facility and arrested him. A case was filed against the illegal immigrant for attempted rape, bodily harm and violations of the laws on weapons and drugs, as he was also found in possession of 12 drug pills. He was taken to the Misdemeanour Public Prosecutor of Ioannina to present his case.