CNN Turk reports a Greek radar system will have ‘eyes’ 15km inside Turkish territory

Turkish media have ramped up reports about the fortification by Greece at the Evros borders in the north-east

The Turkish media have been providing extensive coverage over the past days over Greece’s fortification works on the Greek-Turkish border in Evros.

According to some reports in the Turkish press, cameras and radar systems with the ability to “monitor” up to 15 kilometres inside Turkish territory are being installed at the border fence, which is under construction.

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CNN Turk
The Turkish news network aired a special feature on the subject, in its main news bulletin, with the anchor claiming, among other things, that: “The Greek government has now decided to set up a system of cameras and radar with a range of 15 km. The system is funded by the EU. Now the Greek government, in order to monitor the Turkish side of the border, will set up a 15 km camera and radar system at the border of Evros.”

The Turkish journalist claimed that these measures are being taken to deal with the flow of refugees from Turkey to Greece. “As part of the measures taken against a possible refugee stream, cameras and radar were ordered by a Greek company in the fall of 2019, according to the contract, and will be placed at the border of Evros by the end of May. Part of this equipment will be able to have a live monitor feed at a depth of 15 km in Turkey. As we know so far, the works for the concrete were completed, where the metal poles will be erected, on which the 11 radars and the cameras will be fitted”.