Greek police arrest 33 NGO members for human trafficking

The police busted a large ring on Lesvos

Greek police busted a human trafficking ring in Lesvos, which was reportedly collaborating with four NGOs.

Among the 35 suspects arrested were 33 NGO members from Germany, Austria, Spain, and Switzerland, against whom a court file was opened.

A case has already been filed against 33 NGO members – including Germans, Swiss, French, Bulgarians, Spaniards, Austrians, and Norwegians, as well as an Iranian and a Pakistani.

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According to the police, the criminal group started its illicit activities last June and estimate that on at least 32 occasions that it organized passages of refugees to Greece, more than 3,000 illegal immigrants and refugees passed through Greece.

The circuit used closed groups and applications on the internet to share information about where the boats would leave and arrive, providing information and even details about the Moria camp.

The police are looking for the group’s money trail.