Greek shipowner Tsounis donates all his property to the Armed Forces

The Retired Army Officers expressed their praise for his move

The Union Veteran Army Officers (EAAS) expressed their praise and paid tribute to shipowner Iakovos Tsounis after the tycoon bequeathed all his property to the Armed Forces. In its announcement, EAAS points out that Mr. Tsounis with his act revives the spirit of the National Benefactors, expressing the hope that others would follow his example.

“EAAS expresses its heartfelt congratulations to the national benefactor Mr. Iakovos Tsounis and we hope that his example finds imitators.

The revival of the spirit of the national benefactors, to which we owe so much as a society and the Armed Forces and the public recognition of their contribution is an important step, at a time when such standards are rare”, the statement said.

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