New Democracy maintains commanding lead over SYRIZA in latest poll

PM Mitasotkis is more popular than Tsipras

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and the tough measures implemented in Greece, the Greek government holds a commanding lead over major opposition party SYRIZA in the latest poll.

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis also appears to dominate his political adversary Alexis Tsipras in terms of popularity.

According to Opinion Poll’s research for the newspaper Political, the difference of New Democracy is at 13.9% percentage points, while at the same time Mr. Mitsotakis maintains a strong lead with 25.9% over Alexis Tsipras in terms of eligibility for prime minister.

Specifically, according to the research on the question “If there was an issue of elections and we voted next Sunday, which party would you vote for?” 35% answer ND while 21.1% SYRIZA.

The percentages for the remaining parties were: KINAL: 6.2%, KKE: 5.5%, Greek Solution: 3.5%, Mera25: 3.2%

On the question of who those polled believed would win in the event of an election, an overwhelming percentage said New Democracy (66.22%), compared to SYRIZA (11.3%).

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