Up to life in prison for those violating coronavirus measures, Greek Supreme Court says

The circular was sent to all courts across the country

Anyone violating official instructions made public by Greek authorities regarding measures and restrictions to contain the spread of coronavirus could face life in prison, according to a new urgent circular issued by the Supreme Civil and Criminal Court of Greece on Thursday.

According to the official notice, issued by Supreme Court Judge Vasilis Pliotas, those who violate the rules could be imprisoned up to 3 years, while if their actions result in the death of someone they will face at least 10 years and if a large number of civilian deaths occur due to non-compliance with the directions they could be imprisoned for life.

The circular was sent today to prosecutors across the country, with Judge Pliotas citing Article 285 of the Criminal Code, which provides for severe criminal penalties for those who violate measures ordered to prevent the spread of dangerous disease. Apart from imprisonment, fines are also provided.

As the head Judge states in his letter to the courts across Greece “this behaviour infringes or endangers fundamental protected legal assets such as life and physical health” and adds: “It is self-evident that there should be a legal intervention on your part.”

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