Immigration overhaul will block asylum for people who have traveled through “safe” countries – Queen’s Speech

Shake-up will see migrants arriving illegally treated differently to legal arrivals


Migrants who traveled through a ‘safe’ country like France or Belgium on their way to the UK will be blocked from seeking asylum in Britain.

The Government today confirmed a major overhaul of the nation’s immigration system as it set out its plans in the Queen‘s Speech.

The changes will mean migrants who ‘traveled through a safe country where they could have reasonably claimed asylum… will not be admitted into the UK asylum system’.

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Legal arrivals and illegal arrivals will be treated differently for the first time so the system ‘does not reward those who enter the UK illegally’.

The shake-up will also see the asylum system streamlined, creating a ‘one-stop’ process designed to ‘end the cycle of limitless appeals’.

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