Turkish patrol boats abandon immigrant boat in distress in Turkish waters (video)

The Greek Coast guard released the video

The Hellenic Coast Guard released a video showing three Turkish patrol boats providing no assistance to a boat full of refugees and illegal migrants in distress in Turkish waters despite the fact that the Turkish vessels were sailing close to the boat.

The Hellenic Coast Guard issued a statement noting it repeatedly attempted to contact Turkish authorities and the patrol boats to conduct search and rescue operations, as the boat was in its vicinity and they were obligated to act in accordance with international law but the Turkish boats did nothing.

The announcement was made by the headquarters of the Coast Guard, in response to reports claiming it had delayed operations to rescue the illegal migrants who were on a boat, last Saturday 13-06-2020, in the sea area north of Lesvos.

According to the announcement, on that particular day, “a naval vessel located a Turkish naval boat with foreigners inside Turkish territorial waters north of Lesvos, while three Turkish coastguards were located near it.