Rafale Meteor missiles twice the speed of Turkish F-16 jets! (photo)

Greece will receive 18 Rafale jets

The Greek Air Force recently added a formidable weapon in its military deterrence against Turkish provocations as it incorporated the Rafale F3R fighter jets that are distinguished for their advanced operational capabilities.

The great advantage the French fighters provide is none other than the long-range air-to-air missile Meteor. Meteor is the next generation of Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) system designed to revolutionise air-to-air combat in the 21st Century.

The weapon is also equipped with data link communication. Aimed at meeting the needs of a network-centric environment, Meteor can be operated using third-party data, enabling the Meteor user – the pilot – to have the most flexible weapon system.

The missile weighs 190 kg, has a range of 100 km, and can develop a speed of 4 Mach. To put this into perspective its speed is twice that of an F-16 (2.05 Mach) used by the Turks.

The supply of Rafale F3R significantly enhances the deterrent capabilities of Greece securing the country’s national airspace.

The first of a total of 18 Rafale F3R fighter jets to join the Air Force arsenal was received at an event held at the Dassault Aviation facility at Istres – Le Tubé Air Base in southern France, last Tuesday.

Of the 18 aircraft, 12 are used, and the remaining six are new, with a total amount of 2.32 billion. The first six 4th generation Rafale aircraft will be used and will be received from our country in 2021. The remaining used aircraft will be delivered in early 2023 when the six new ones are expected to be received in the spring of 2022.

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